Changing How We Vote

Four Proposals to Give Us the Democracy We Deserve

Automatic Voter Registration

Whenever you interact with a government agency your up-to-date information is sent to the state's voter registration system

  • automatically register eligible voters

  • improve accuracy

  • end squabbling over voter registration lists

Universal Vote by Mail

Vote on paper by mail (or at a drop-off location)

  • greater participation

  • no chance of machines being hacked

  • built-in paper trail

  • states save millions of dollars

  • no worries about bad weather, scheduling conflicts, or being sick on election day

Ranked Choice Voting

Rank candidates in order of your preference, with an instant runoff

  • no more spoiler effect from 3rd party candidates

  • better representation by 3rd party candidates

  • arrive at a majority winner

  • increases voter satisfaction


States are broken into a few large Congressional districts.  The top 3 (or 4) vote-getters are elected to represent that super-district

  • minority populations gain representation

  • promotes 3rd parties and factions of main parties

  • thwarts gerrymandering

Although each state currently sets their own rules for voting, the United States Constitution Article I Sec. 4 states that Congress can pass laws that dictate the manner in which states run their elections to choose Senators and Representatives